Email alerts for built-in Watchers

Where do you set up the default email address for the built-in watchers? I've tried setting the " Admin email" setting within Kibana -> Management -> Advanced Settings but I am still not getting the email alerts. Custom watches with email actions are working as expected, just not getting email alerts from the built-in watches.

Hi @wpitt13 - Have you tried to follow the steps given here?

Thanks for the quick reply. That was the piece I was missing.

One note though, it seems that this setting only allows a single email address or alias. Would be nice if it accepted a list of email addresses.

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You're welcome @wpitt13 - unfortunately it is not possible to specify a list of email addresses. Our development team is currently working on new alerting features in Kibana. You can check this GH issue and the associated GH project for further details.

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