Embed Elastic Cloud (7.10.1) Kibana visualisation to VueJS application without asking for log in


I want to embed my Kibana visualizations in my VueJS web application. If I use "Copy iFrame Code" from the share option and use that in my HTML page, it asks for login.

Is there any way to embed the kibana visualizations in my VueJS application without prompting for logging in?

I got a suggestion from the support team to use anonymous authentication by modifying kibana.yml. But seems like that does not work in Deployment version 7.10.1 in Elastic cloud. It gives some errors as shown in the screenshots.

Uploading: SaveUserSettingsInfo.png...

I also tried to do a pre-flight POST call so that a session gets created before loading the visualization. But I got a CORS error. I also tried to configure kibana.yml.

Please let me know if there is any way to achieve this with 7.10.1.



It seems screenshot with error wasn't properly uploaded, can you try to re-upload it so that we can see the error you got?

Just realized that we added anonymous access support only in Kibana 7.11.0, would it be possible for you to upgrade?


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