Embed HTML5 chart(s) from TradingView, as charts or page/plugin?

Hi, I'm scoping the suitability of using ELK to deal with financial/market data. ELK does everything I need, however candlestick charts are required, and the ideal solution is to embed: https://www.tradingview.com/HTML5-stock-forex-bitcoin-charting-library/ into Kibana.

Ideally as a useable chart, however it could be a dedicated/separate page.

I've read that adding custom pages / HTML isn't really an option, and that plugins could work.

The other option is to host TradingView on a separate app/site, and use Elastic as the data source. From a UX perspective switching between Kibana and the TradingView app is very poor though.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Unfortunately Kibana doesn't support candlestick visualizations yet though we are tracking the feature request on Github: Box plot / Candlestick visualization

Throwing a thumbsup on the issue helps us prioritize things for development.

It looks like the underlying aggregation type is ready in elasticsearch so you probably could write your own plugin adding that visualization type if you're eager to get started. Between Vega (which supports candlestick charts) and the new aggregation, it shouldn't be out of reach.

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