Embedded dashboards navigation with global filter

I have created three dashboards and that navigates as

Overview| Scenario Summary| Transactions Summary

Suppose that I am on "Overview" Dashboard and apply some filter to drill down. Can same filter be applied on "Scenario Summary" dashboard when navigated.

These three are related dashboards, so the same fields which will be used to filter, persists in each dashboard's visualization.

Any help?


Yes. You need to pin your filter. But please note this will create a global filter and will apply to discover/visualize/dashboards.


Thanks for help. Tried as suggested but didn't work. I am using Kibana 5.6 version.

Ah. You need to click on it to pin it. Can you please upload a screencast if that is possible?


Here you go...

Thats definitely interesting and I am going to test it out in my local. Will keep you posted. Thanks!

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