Embedding Kibana in WordPress?

I have a membership website, and I am using WordPress to manage access to my paid subscriptions.

I'm interested in Kibana in terms of its' data visualization but my question is really one of whether I'm using it for the wrong purposes?

My point is: can Kibana be embedded and made to look white-labeled? I'd like for the user experience to be my own branding etc.

I'm pretty sure Kibana is really meant for internal use hence my question.

I think I am correct in thinking that Kibana can be embedded using IFRAME but does that mean that the user stays on my site or can they click out of it and see my Kibana account URL?

THANKS for all direction/ advice!

You can do it with iframes, but it's not white label level.

Thanks warkolm

On the Kibana iframe does the user "leave" the site if they click on any Kibana branding?

Is there any way for the user to exit the page or to protect the iframe from being shared?



You don't embed the entire thing, just one part of it. Either a dashboard or a visualisation.
And clicking on it won't take you elsewhere, it'll only update the embedded part.

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