EMC Isilon and ElasticSearch

Any one aware of any performance studies for running ElasticSearch on EMC Isilon spun VMs?

Not that I knowof, I use EMC VNX's and ExtremeIO and as you would expect the Performance characteristics are the same as any other Heavy IO system.

I do notice that if your using Ext4 it will be CPU IO Bound and should use Multiple mounts/luns as the JBD2 Process gets maxed out even though EMC and the SAN connections are relatively idle.

For example I was maxing out my writes at 120Mbs which is really slow for a ~40 disk Storage pool but once I added another lun and data partition to Elastic i was getting 300Mbs , so definitely lots of Lun/mounts with EXT4 Simular behavios with XTremio just Higher Throughputs as it is SSD

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