Enable geo_shape in ElasticSearch v5.6 (Drupal 8)

Hello, I am trying to connect a Drupal 8 website with an ElasticSearch index. The mapping is created by Drupal itself. No matter what I do though, Drupal complains that geo_shape type is not supported. Do I have to do anything to enable the geo_shape type? Sticking to v5.6 of ElasticSearch is a requirement.

Thank you!

You should probably ask this in Drupal forum. It seems like a Drupal-specific issue.

Thank you Igor. Since it is my first time using ElasticSearch I didn't know if I had to somehow enable geo_shapes (eg. by installing x-pack) or if it was a Drupal specific issue. I yet haven't found the solution but I definitely know where to search now.

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