Enable memory tracking in php apm

Hi all,

I am trying to track down an elusive memory leak caused by php apm that I am having some trouble reproducing anywhere else besides our companies dev environment. I saw in the code that there is capabilities for memory tracking, but have not been able to enable it. Relevant php.ini settings include:

    elastic_apm.memory_tracking_level = ALL
    elastic_apm.log_level = TRACE
    elastic_apm.assert_level = ALL
    elastic_apm.internal_checks_level = ALL
    elastic_apm.log_level_stderr = TRACE
    elastic_apm.log_level_syslog = TRACE

I've been able to do a build from source succesfully, but I am not sure how to enable memory tracking. I see no [Memory-Tracking] in the logs as I expect to with memory tracking enabled. Any pointers on how to enable this with config or changing of source code would be appreciated

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