PHP support?

(Jamiegood) #1

we use Kibana/ELK etc. We are currently looking at new relic etc for APM. However if Elastic APM had support for PHP then it would be a no brainer for us.

Any plans to support PHP in the near future?

(Peter Lafferty) #2

This would be great for me. I'm currently looking at alternative APMs but if I could leverage the elastic stack for PHP it would make my life much easier.

(Rasmus Makwarth) #3

Hi there,
thanks for reaching out. We don't have any concrete plans for the APM agent yet, but feedback like this is helpful for prioritizing our roadmap.


(Thomas Watson) #4

As @makwarth says, we don't have any PHP agent yet. We do however have public documentation for our API, so it is possible to write your own agent. And though I haven't tested it my self, a 3rd party PHP agent already exists that you might take a look at.

(system) #5

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