Enabling fips - ES 6.8

The ES docs for FIPS 140.2 compliance refers to making changes to the hashing methods. Those docs state.

You must set the cache.hash_algo realm settings and the xpack.security.authc.password_hashing.algorithm setting to one of the PBKDF2 values.

I can see where to put the xpack.security.authc.password_hashing value - but I cannot locate any docs on the cache.hash_algo realm setting. Any idea?

I believe it should go in the block of data under your realm configuration. For example, if you are using LDAP:

          type: ldap
          cache.hash_algo: "pbkdf2_50000"

It's described under LDAP settings on the security settings page. The other realm configurations also have it listed.

I haven't tried this configuration out, but I hope this points you in the right direction.


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thank you, that seems to have done it.

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