Encrypt incoming beats

So far I have been able to encode some of the parts from my message (Mask parts of the message) now I would like to make this even better and use encryption instead. Could someone show me an example how to do this? Encryption and decryption.

What's your end goal? Where should encryption take place? Where should decryption take place?

My end goal is to be able to encrypt parts of the data when it flows through the logstash. Basically I am using winlogbeat , sending data to logstash and forwarding it to elasticsearch. It should be already encrypted before arriving to elasticsearch.

I would need to decrypt it when necessary. Most of the data will be without encryption so I would need to decrypt just in special cases when the encrypted data is needed for some cases. For example, in my previous case I encoded user field now I would need to encrypt it.

Have you looked at the cipher filter?

I have but I did not figure out how to even start with it, hence the need for example for my use.

Any help for this?

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