Enrich policy execution interval in Elasticsearch 8.5

Hi, the elastic docs for 8.5 says that by default the execution policies are executed every 15 minutes, but as far as I can see from the timestamp of the enrich index, the policy has not been executed after I initially executed it on creation (4 days ago). Do the policies still have to be executed manually every time?

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Can you show me the documentation that refers to the 15 minutes?

It is my understanding / experience that enrich policies are only executed by explicitly calling the API.

Perhaps this is something new...

There are specific steps if you want to update an enrich policy.

Hi, thanks!

I think it might be new as I didn't find it in the 7.17 docs:
Execute enrich policy API | Elasticsearch Guide [8.5] | Elastic

Once created, you cannot update or index documents to an enrich index. Instead, update your source indices and execute the enrich policy again. This creates a new enrich index from your updated source indices. The previous enrich index will deleted with a delayed maintenance job. By default this is done every 15 minutes.

Maybe I misunderstood. If it doesn't autoupdate is it sufficient to re-execute the enrich policy regularly to ensure transform enrich data is up to date?

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See here how to update.

That 15 minutes refers to cleaning up old and enrich policies... Kinda poorly worded.

Aha, makes sense

Thanks a lot for the quick replies, awesome!

There is this issue from 2019, with a feature request to allow scheduling of policy executions, but it seems that there is no work on it yet.

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