Enrich policy match using wildcard or fuzzy search

I have an ingest pipeline with an enrich policy and separate index (index B)

Index B has entries that have a url and a number

For each document i ingest via the pipeline i want to match with an entry in index B and return the number and add it to the document being ingested.

the url on the document and the url in index B might not be a literal string such as:

Index - https://www.google.co.uk
Ingesting document - www.google.co.uk

In the query field can i use a wildcard or fuzzy search?

    "match": {
        "indices": ["index_B"],
        "match_field": "url",
        "enrich_fields": ["number"],
        "query": {
            "wildcard": {
                "url": {
                    "value": "*url*"

After more digging this is not how the query field on the enrich processor works, it is used to filter the docs in the index to match against not to wildcard the string.

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