Enrich policy with daily index uses only oldest index after _execute


i try to use an enrich policy that references to a daily index e.g. index-dd.mm.yyyy. When I change the content of the index and start ingestion the index is updated. All is fine. But as soon as I update the enrich policy by POST /my-enrich-policy/_execute only the oldest of my indices is used as a lookup source. How can I configure ES to just use the latest version of my indices?

Here is my enrich policy:

PUT /_enrich/policy/my-enrich-policy
"match": {
"indices": "my-daily-index-*",
"match_field": "my-field",
"enrich_fields": "enrich-field"

Right now i got three indices:

I just want the lookup to look at the latest e.g. my-daily-index-24.03.2020!

How can I do that?
Thx a lot!

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