Enrich Processor, Lookups: how to Update once through Enrich Pipeline generated document

  1. We have many Lookup-indexes and one enrich pipeline to decode some values.
  2. Data will be imported from a DB using logstash and a pipeline parameter within elasticsearch plugin.

output {
elasticsearch {
index => "customers"
pipeline => "countries_lookup"
... }

The question is: how can I update and reindex document using the same enrich pipeline? For example: I have a country ISO code within my document:
The pipeline adds a decoded nested object with a value for the country code:
"countryname" : {
"code" : "CH",
"name" : "Schweiz"
Assume I want to update the document, change the country code, get new values from a lookup and reindex the document. How can I do that? is it possible to do it using logstash with input/http and output/elasticsearch plugins giving the same pipeline as a parameter? The "_update" feature from elasticsearch unfortunately has no "pipeline" parameter to make it easier.

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