Enriching data with ProxyIP database

Hi everyone, I need help enriching data with IP Proxy database like geoip plugin, has anyone done this before? Docs or something can help?

You need to provide more context.

What is ProxyIP database?

Hi @Hitz2403 welcome to the community.

This sounds like an excellent use case for ingest pipelines and the enrich processor.

Take a look at the documentation. I think it'll help

And I think there is an exact example here for using IPs and ranges


There is another method that can be used at runtime see here.

It is not as performant / may not scale as well and enrich processor...

Enrich is at index time...

Lookup is at runtime.

Take a look at both.

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It depends to which VPN IP proxy database you would like to use.

One of the providers, IP2Proxy, has an setup instructions published in How to use IP2Proxy filter plugin with Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Filebeat, Logstash, and Kibana) - IP2Location.com

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thank you ,this is what i need :grinning:

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