Entering a search phrase dose not return records expected

Hello All,
Can anyone see what is incorrect about the following command?{ "query":{"bool": {"must": {"wildcard": {"DESC":"post traumatic stress disorder"}}}}}}}&size=100&pretty&explain

When submitted from Phython code this returns correct results. Of course the syntax is different.
elastic_query = es.search(index='fborep',body={"size":1000,"query":{"bool":{"must":
[{"wildcard":{"DESC":"post traumatic stress disorder"}}]}}})

The first command returns what looks like "all" records from the start of the database up to the "size=" record number.

Hanks for any help in advance.
Dave K

Are you using curl? You cannot sent a search request like this as a url parameter (the q parameter only works for query_string), it should be sent as body. See the README for some simple examples of using curl.

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