Enterprise Search configuration parameters in YAML not applied by ECK


I am trying to define configuration parametes in the config: section in the YAML file for Enterprise Search and they seem not to be applied by ECK. I am running my own on-premise Kubernetes Cluster and Enterprise Search 8.6.1.

It is described at Configuration | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.6] | Elastic how to do this. On that page it is described that the configuration parameters for Enterprise Search Configuration | Elastic Enterprise Search documentation [8.6] | Elastic must be set in the config: section of the YAML.

I am trying to set connector.crawler.http.user_agent: Enterprise-Search-Crawler

The full YAML would be:

apiVersion: enterprisesearch.k8s.elastic.co/v1
kind: EnterpriseSearch
  name: enterprise-search-quickstart
  version: 8.6.2
  count: 1
    name: quickstart
    ent_search.external_url: https://my-custom-domain:3002
    kibana.host: https://kibana.my-custom-domain:5601
    connector.crawler.http.user_agent: Enterprise-Search-Crawler

If I start the POD by kubectl it will start and run without any problems. The configs for ent_search.external_url and kibana.host seem to be applied but no other config parameters...

What I am doing wrong? Is this the correct way or should it work in that way and its an problem with my environment?`



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Any progress on this? I'm running into similar issues.

I've got the information from the Elastic Support to use crawler.http.user_agent instead for Elastic Crawler or App Search Crawler. For me it worked. Seems to be a bug. The will fix it.

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