Enterprise-search.yml is not a valid YAML file

When following the installer instructions for my localhost install, I'm getting a Invalid config file (...): /Users/...enterprise-search.yml is not a valid YAML file.

In my elasticsearch.yml file I have xpack.security.enabled: true set and I have confirmed my ES instance is running at 9200.

Here is my enterprise-search.yml file (I took out all the comments as well, thinking I had a miskey somewhere):

secret_management.encryption_keys: [{SECRET_KEY}]

allow_es_settings_modification: true
elasticsearch.username: elastic
elasticsearch.password: PASSWORD
ent_search.external_url: http://localhost:3002
ent_search.auth.source: standard

Hi Tim

Wow, that's a bit odd. I just tried copy-pasting your enterprise-search.yml file into my own. Of course, it complains about the secret_management.encryption_keys not being an array of strings. (It should be something like secret_management.encryption_keys: ['abcd1234']) However, other than that it seems to just work.

Can you post a more complete backtrace of the error?

Hey @MadsOhm - after looking closer, it looks like I was missing a single quote in my key array. Thanks for the feedback!

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