Entity centric indices

Hey there,

I want to create a funnel report of my user journey and want to track the ratio of registered users vs. users that logged in and users that created an order.
To do so I want to use entity centric indices as described here.

How do I transform my event centric data to entity centric data? I've thought of writing a microservice polling Elasticsearch with periodic GET requests to build user documents and POST them back to a new index. But this seems to be an inelegant solution considering the sample (bit.ly/entcent) code of python and groovy scripts. Does this work for periodic data, too, or do I need to have all the samples in one batch? Is there a way to listen for new log documents and to add them to the entity centric index?

Thanks for any clarification,

Yes. An incremental update script would be one where you simply query for events added since the last time you ran the script using an appropriate date filter.