EQL query to alert 1 alert per each user

Hello all!

I'd like to create a Rule based on the EQL query that will trigger an alert only once per user.

For example:
The input list of logs is
user1 ip1
user1 ip1
user2 ip2
user5 ip5
user4 ip4
user4 ip4
user20 ip20
user1 ip1
user20 ip20

And I want to create alerts based on that logs to see results like this:
alert1: user1 ip1
alert2: user2 ip2
alert3: user4 ip4
alert4: user5 ip5
alert5: user20 ip20

I try to detect the user's connection to some websites through DNS logs. This Rule runs every 24 hours, but a user can connect to the service I'm interested in more than 1 time, so I usually get more than 1 alert for the same user.

I tried to implement it using sequence by, but it doesn't work:

sequence by user.name, ?process.name
  [ network where network.protocol == "dns" and dns.question.name : ("***", "***") ]
  [ network where true ]

I would be really glad to hear any suggestions or the entire resolution. Thank you!

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Hey there @yzaritskyi ! :wave:

So if you only want one per grouping of user.name / process.name, you might want to try using a Threshold Rule ala:

You may want to include the dns name in the Group by depending on how you want your alerts broken apart.

Let me know if that works for you!


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Thank you! You helped me a lot! It works exactly how I wanted.

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