Equality shard index distribution


I have a 6 nodes clúster with indexs 3 primary shards and 3 replica shards.

I'm reading documentation and not found how to force 1 shard from each index per node.

It this possible?

Thank you

Hi @sysadmin93, I believe this is a question about provisioning Elasticsearch and not Enterprise Search so I've moved your topic to the Elasticsearch forum.

You can use the total shards per node index setting to force shards to be sporead out, but be aware that if you do not have enough nodes available this may cause shards to not be initialized.


Thank you for your reply, something like this i was looking for.

But set index.routing.allocation.total_shards_per_node to 1 and force to rotate active write index.

Shards still dont spread equitatily over the cluster.

Example :

Node1: 1P
Node2: 0
Node3: 2P
Node4: 2R
Node5: 1R
Node6: 0

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