Error: Cannot assign requested address (Docker)

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I'm running the Logtash image with the following:

docker run -it --rm -v "$PWD":/config-dir logstash -f /config-dir/logstash.conf

My logstash file is:

input {
        host => ""
        port => 5044

output {
    elasticsearch {
      hosts => [ "","","" ]
  • Elasticsearch nodes are sitting on,9201,9202.
  • Kibana on
  • Logstash on

What I am trying to do is send Filebeat (Snort) logs from but no matter which IP I put in the input host, I still get the error.

Edit: Realised I didn't specify the docker network. However, the same issue still arises.

docker run --network es-net --rm -v "$PWD":/config-dir logstash -f /config-dir/logstash.conf

If I remove the host parameter, it starts on which I still can not access on

22:00:41.013 [[main]-pipeline-manager] INFO - Beats inputs: Starting input listener {:address=>""}

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Unless you run the container in host network mode you won't be able to bind to I suggest you omit the host option so that Logstash listens on all network interfaces. If you want port 5044 in the Logstash container to be available on the host you need to publish the port. See

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Okay I removed the host input and changed my command to:
docker run -it --rm -p 5044:5044 -v "$PWD":/config-dir logstash -f /config-dir/logstash.conf
and it worked!

Thank you!

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