Error:Could not find or load main class elastic.war . While using elasticsearch APM

I am connecting elastic apm with spring boot application, I am able to connect my application with .jar file, but now when I am trying it with .war file I am not able to do it due to the following errors.
When I am running this command I am getting this error.

java -javaagent:/home/abcd/Desktop/elastic-apm/apm-agent-attach-1.5.0/elastic-apm-agent.jar -war spring-mvc-example.war
getting this error.

Unrecognized option: -war
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

And when I am running this command
java -javaagent:/home/abcd/Desktop/elastic-apm/apm-agent-attach-1.5.0/elastic-apm-agent.jar spring-mvc-example.war

Getting this error

2019-06-11 14:57:24.477 [apm-server-healthcheck] INFO - Elastic APM server is available: {"ok":{"build_date":"2019-03-21T14:28:17Z","build_sha":"56b4ebe0088c9a15ea5eb5f4d491da19f08c1bc6","version":"6.7.0"}}
2019-06-11 14:57:24.564 [main] INFO co.elastic.apm.agent.configuration.StartupInfo - Starting Elastic APM 1.5.0 as war on Java 1.8.0_191 (Oracle Corporation) Linux 3.10.0-862.el7.x86_64
2019-06-11 14:57:24.565 [main] WARN co.elastic.apm.agent.configuration.StartupInfo - To enable all features and to increase startup times, please configure application_packages
Error: Could not find or load main class spring-mvc-example.war

Kindly guide.

A war is something meant to be deployed in a Web Server like Tomcat for example (WAR mean Web ARchive). It is not meant to be run as a jar unless it has also an embedded main jar.

I'll try with that.

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