Error"Could not finde jruby in C:\User\samyo\Desktop\ELK-6.5.0\logstash-6.5.0\vendor\jruby"

i am trying to get Logstash to run and read from my "simple.conf" file.
i am using Logstash Version 6.5.0 , on Windows 10.
i used the nssm to creat and conect Logstash into the "simple.conf" file.
After i went into the bin folder of Logstash , i wrote on Console like follows,
PS C:\Users\samyo\Desktop\ELK-6.5.0\logstash-6.5.0\bin> .\logstash.bat -f .\simple.conf
Usually the Command worked on Logstash Version 6.3.0.
But on Version 6.5.0 it shows me follows,
"could not find jruby in C:\Users\samyo\Desktop\ELK-6.5.0\logstash-6.5.0\vendor\jruby"

What is the Problem, i could not understand , should i install something extra ?
i tried to search for this issue , every Person wrote different Solution.

Can Anybody help me please?

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