Error creating Roll Up

Using Elastic Stack 6.7.0 (Docker)

I created a roll up but encountered this:

Request failed with a error. [remote_transport_exception] [92N-H5C][][cluster:admin/xpack/rollup/put]


Elastic logs doesn't seem to indicate any problem though searching the web seems to indicate a previous issue with the histogram support for scaled_floats (

I did not experience this from previous versions I tested on (6.5.3 and 6.6.x, all Docker versions)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I forgot to add an additional context: I was creating a roll up for Elastic APM indexes.
That was the reason this post was initially in the APM thread.


Hi, any ideas on this? Is this an error in the Elasticsearch or APM component?

One test I did was to deploy 6.7.0 via docker-compose and then create the roll up; the error appeared as I expected. I did not close the Kibana browser.

I then removed all containers and modified my Docker-compose file to point to 6.6.2 instead of 6.7.0; everything else is the same. I then redeployed.

Once running, I went back to the still opened Kibana page and submitted. No errors, and the roll up job is now running.

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