Error during build for Beats version 8.9.1


I am facing the below error while building the beats repo. Please help to resolve the issue. Thanks

Error: running "go build -o build/golang-crossbuild/filebeat-linux-amd64 -buildmode pie -trimpath -tags=withjournald -ldflags -s -X -X" failed with exit code 1

[2023-08-22T06:16:30.050Z] Error: failed building for linux/amd64: exit status 1

[2023-08-22T06:16:30.050Z] failed building for linux/amd64: exit status 1

[2023-08-22T06:16:34.308Z] package ran for 4m33.470605524s

[2023-08-22T06:16:34.308Z] Error: running "docker run --ulimit nofile=262144:262144 --env EXEC_UID=0 --env EXEC_GID=0 -v /go/pkg/mod:/go/pkg/mod:ro --env DEV=false --rm --env GOFLAGS=-mod=readonly --env MAGEFILE_VERBOSE= --env MAGEFILE_TIMEOUT= --env SNAPSHOT=true -v /go/src/ -w /go/src/ --build-cmd build/mage-linux-amd64 golangCrossBuild --platforms linux/amd64" failed with exit code 1

[2023-08-22T06:16:34.308Z] make: *** [snapshot] Error 1

[2023-08-22T06:16:34.308Z] ../libbeat/scripts/Makefile:481: recipe for target 'snapshot' failed

[2023-08-22T06:16:34.308Z] cp: cannot stat '/go/src/': No such file or directory

HI @leandrojmp , could you please look into this.


Please do not tag people in topics unless they already had some interact in the post.

I can not help, I have no experience building beats.

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