Error during bulk import while inserting around 200K documents from SQL Server

Hi team,
I am relatively new to the ELK world. I am writing a simple Python script to fetch around 200K records from a local instance of SQL Server and index them in my local ELK instance running on my laptop. The script fails with a read timeout error every time after inserting around 22K rows or so (this number varies every time).
I am completely lost, any pointers would help.
Error message -
Elasticsearch.exceptions.ConnectionTimeout: ConnectionTimeout caused by - ReadTimeoutError(HTTPConnectionPool(host='localhost', port=9200): Read timed out. (read timeout=10))

Code snippet -
from collections import deque
from http.client import REQUEST_TIMEOUT
import Elasticsearch
from Elasticsearch import helpers
import pandas as pd
import sqlalchemy as sa
from sqlalchemy.dialects.mssql import NVARCHAR, BIGINT
import logging
from settings import *
import time

Set logging

format=' %(asctime)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s')

Database connect

conn_smi = f"mssql+pyodbc://{SQL_DB_USER}:{SQL_DB_PASSWORD}@{SQL_DB_HOST}:{SQL_DB_PORT}/{SQL_DB_NAME}"
f"?driver=ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server"

Main class.

class Instagram:
def create_index(self):" SMI => {conn_smi}")
sql_db_engine_smi = sa.create_engine(conn_smi)

    # Data type dictionary
    str_sql = """SELECT ..............."""

    df_insta = pd.read_sql(sql=str_sql,

    # Loop through the data frame.
    for index, record in df_insta.iterrows():
        insta_account = {}"Adding user => {record['UserId']}")
        insta_account['AccountId'] = int(record['Id'])
        insta_account['Name'] = str(record['Name'])
        insta_account['Email'] = str(record['Email'])
        insta_account['Category'] = str(record['Category'])
        insta_account['Profilepicturelink'] = str(record['ProfilePictureUrl'])
        insta_account['Hashtag'] = str(record['HashTags'])
        insta_account['Userid'] = str(record['UserId'])
        insta_account['Username'] = str(record['UserName'])
        insta_account['Biography'] = str(record['Biography'])
        insta_account['Followers'] = int(record['Followers'])
        insta_account['Following'] = int(record['Following'])
        insta_account['Engagementrate'] = float(record['EngagementRate'])
        insta_account['Totalengagement'] = float(record['TotalEngagement'])
        insta_account['Engagementperpost'] = float(record['EngagementPerPost'])
        insta_account['Posts'] = int(record['Posts'])

        yield insta_account


Main Program

if name == "main":
es = Elasticsearch.Elasticsearch(timeout=30)
data_loader = Instagram()
deque(helpers.parallel_bulk(es,data_loader.create_index(),index="instagram",chunk_size=300,thread_count=2,queue_size=1), maxlen=0)



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Few more things -
I am trying to insert around 200K documents. There are two big fields of length NVARCHAR(2048) and NVARCHAR(4000) respectively.

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