Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'config/kibana-server.key'

I have an issue about setting up basic security for the Elastic Stack plus secured HTTPS traffic when I try to set on kibana.yml.
Elastic is working and reachable over https but I receive an error are as follow when I try to start kibana;

I stucked and didnt understand why this is happened.

journalctl -u kibana

FATAL Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'config/kibana-server.key'

and also got more details when I allow root priviledge;

root@es-master-01:/etc/kibana# /usr/share/kibana/bin/kibana -c /etc/kibana/kibana.yml --allow-root
  log   [21:38:01.076] [info][plugins-service] Plugin "osquery" is disabled.
  log   [21:38:01.158] [warning][config][deprecation] Config key [monitoring.cluster_alerts.email_notifications.email_address] will be required for email notifications to work in 8.0."
  log   [21:38:01.178] **[fatal][root] Error: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line**
    at Object.createSecureContext (_tls_common.js:129:17)
    at Server.setSecureContext (_tls_wrap.js:1323:27)
    at Server (_tls_wrap.js:1181:8)
    at new Server (https.js:66:14)
    at Object.createServer (https.js:91:10)
    at module.exports.internals.Core._createListener (/usr/share/kibana/node_modules/@hapi/hapi/lib/core.js:539:79)
    at new module.exports.internals.Core (/usr/share/kibana/node_modules/@hapi/hapi/lib/core.js:133:30)
    at new module.exports (/usr/share/kibana/node_modules/@hapi/hapi/lib/server.js:23:18)
    at createServer (/usr/share/kibana/src/core/server/http/http_tools.js:108:18)
    at HttpServer.setup (/usr/share/kibana/src/core/server/http/http_server.js:90:48)
    at HttpService.runNotReadyServer (/usr/share/kibana/src/core/server/http/http_service.js:165:26)
    at HttpService.setup (/usr/share/kibana/src/core/server/http/http_service.js:80:18)
    at Server.setup (/usr/share/kibana/src/core/server/server.js:192:23)
    at Root.setup (/usr/share/kibana/src/core/server/root/index.js:47:14)
    at bootstrap (/usr/share/kibana/src/core/server/bootstrap.js:99:5)
    at Command.<anonymous> (/usr/share/kibana/src/cli/serve/serve.js:169:5) {
  library: 'PEM routines',
  function: 'get_name',
  reason: 'no start line',

elasticsearch.yml "ELK_Stack" es-master-01.
node.master: true true  
cluster.initial_master_nodes: ""

  data: /var/lib/elasticsearch
  logs: /var/log/elasticsearch 
discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: 1

discovery.seed_hosts: ["", ""] true

# Transport layer true certificate required elastic-certificates.p12

# HTTP layer true certificate "elasticsearch/es-master-01/http.p12"


server.port: 5601 "" es-master-01

elasticsearch.hosts: [""]

elasticsearch.username: "kibana_system"
elasticsearch.password: "xxxXXxxx"

elasticsearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities: [ "config/elasticsearch-ca.pem" ]

server.ssl.enabled: true
server.ssl.certificate: config/kibana-server.csr
server.ssl.key: config/kibana-server.key true
xpack.encryptedSavedObjects.encryptionKey: 'asmndbaskdhaskdhasdaksjhdkasda'

Sorry by the way, I forgot the add "kibana.service" content.




EnvironmentFile=-/etc/kibana <--- Added for test.....

ExecStart=/usr/share/kibana/bin/kibana -c /etc/kibana/kibana.yml
#ExecStart=/usr/share/kibana/bin/kibana --logging.dest="/var/log/kibana/kibana.log" --pid.file="/run/kibana/"






The obvious (most likely) answer is that the config/kibana-server.key file, which you reference here:

doesn't exist.

What files are there in your kibana config/ directory?
Are you 100% sure that this file exists with exactly that name?

Hey TimV,

I have 3 files in it. I am looking at it.


I used an absolute path rather than a relative path after this kind of problem for solving.

server.ssl.enabled: true
server.ssl.certificate: /etc/kibana/config/kibana-server.csr
server.ssl.key: /etc/kibana/config/kibana-server.key

and Journal output has changed ;

FATAL  Error: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line

Is that really a CSR (certificate signing request)? If so, it's not actually a certificate, and this setup isn't going to work.

I didnt understand what you mean exactly?

let me explain What I did. and please tell me What I missed or did I wrong something?
But please don't tell me everything is wrong :frowning:

  • generate a CA using "bin/elasticsearch-certutil ca" : [output: elastic-stack-ca.p12]
  • Generate private certificate using "bin/elasticsearch-certutil cert --ca elastic-stack-ca.p12" :[Output: elastic-certificate.p12]
  • I added transport layer config set in elasticsearch.yml

used certificate tool to generate a CSR for encrypt HTTP client comm. for elastic ;(I didnt generate new CA. I used old one)

  • "bin/elasticsearch-certutil http" referred elastic-stack-ca.p12 as CA
  • enter validate period as 5y, generated 2 certificates for 2 nodes with node-name and IP addresses
  • unzip generated "" file and exracted 2 files(http.p12, elasticsearch-ca.pem)
  • added 2 lines in elasticsearch.yml true http.p12
  • and also confgured Kibana to trust elasticsearch CA for the http layer
    elasticsearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities: /etc/kibana/config/elasticsearch-ca.pem

last thing I did are as follow;

generated a server certificate and private key, using following line;
./bin/elasticsearch-certutil csr -name kibana-server

  • unzip generated "" file and exracted 2 files (kibana-server.csr, kibana-server.key)
  • added 2 lines in kibana.yml
    server.ssl.certificate: /etc/kibana/config/kibana-server.crt
    server.ssl.key: /etc/kibana/config/kibana-server.key
  • and also added
    server.ssl.enabled: true

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