ERROR: Failed to determine the health of the cluster. Unexpected http status [403]

ERROR: Failed to determine the health of the cluster. Unexpected http status [403]
not able to get the enrollment token getting above error. please help me on this issue

If you want someone to help you, I suspect you will need to provide a lot more details about the error as well as your cluster configuration and setup, e.g. which version you are running, how many nodes there are in the cluster, how the nodes are configured, what is in the Elasticsearch logs etc.

sorry for the input. please find below Elasticsearch.yml file

======================== Elasticsearch Configuration =========================

NOTE: Elasticsearch comes with reasonable defaults for most settings.

Before you set out to tweak and tune the configuration, make sure you

understand what are you trying to accomplish and the consequences.

The primary way of configuring a node is via this file. This template lists

the most important settings you may want to configure for a production cluster.

Please consult the documentation for further information on configuration options:

Elasticsearch Guide | Elastic

---------------------------------- Cluster -----------------------------------

Use a descriptive name for your cluster: my-application

------------------------------------ Node ------------------------------------

Use a descriptive name for the node: node-1

Add custom attributes to the node:

#node.attr.rack: r1

----------------------------------- Paths ------------------------------------

Path to directory where to store the data (separate multiple locations by comma): /var/lib/Elasticsearch

Path to log files:

path.logs: /var/log/Elasticsearch

----------------------------------- Memory -----------------------------------

Lock the memory on startup:

#bootstrap.memory_lock: true

Make sure that the heap size is set to about half the memory available

on the system and that the owner of the process is allowed to use this


Elasticsearch performs poorly when the system is swapping the memory.

---------------------------------- Network -----------------------------------

By default Elasticsearch is only accessible on localhost. Set a different

address here to expose this node on the network: 172.23.x.x

By default Elasticsearch listens for HTTP traffic on the first free port it

finds starting at 9200. Set a specific HTTP port here:

#http.port: 9200

For more information, consult the network module documentation.

--------------------------------- Discovery ----------------------------------

Pass an initial list of hosts to perform discovery when this node is started:

The default list of hosts is ["", "[::1]"]

#discovery.seed_hosts: ["host1", "host2"]

Bootstrap the cluster using an initial set of master-eligible nodes:

#cluster.initial_master_nodes: ["node-1", "node-2"]

For more information, consult the discovery and cluster formation module documentation.

---------------------------------- Various -----------------------------------

Allow wildcard deletion of indices:

#action.destructive_requires_name: false

discovery.type: single-node true true

When i try to create a enrollment token for kibana. it is saying the [ERROR: Failed to determine the health of the cluster. Unexpected http status]

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