Error Failed to start crawler: starting input failed: error while initializing input: you must choose between TCP or UDP

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I have a questions, if i want to use as input a syslog from another server in that i can't installing something due impacts in the performance, but i can obtain the syslog and upload to filebeats as file. i can-t use type: syslog to do it? (i want this to identify automatically the "rules" used for a syslog and not create a specific filter for this kind of file). then, is not possible?

thanks in advance!.

The error message you received suggests that there is an issue with the configuration of the crawler in your system. Specifically, it states that there is an error while initializing the input and that you need to choose between TCP or UDP.

Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve this issue:

Review crawler configuration: Check the configuration settings of your crawler, ensuring that you have specified either TCP or UDP as the input method. It appears that you have not made a selection between the two protocols, which is causing the error. Determine which protocol is appropriate for your use case and update the configuration accordingly.

Specify input protocol: In your crawler configuration, make sure you have explicitly defined the input protocol as either TCP or UDP. This can typically be done by setting the appropriate configuration option or parameter in the crawler configuration file. Consult the documentation or guidelines specific to your crawler tool for the correct syntax and configuration options.

Validate input settings: Double-check all the input settings provided for the crawler, such as the input address, port, and any other relevant parameters. Ensure that they are correctly configured according to the chosen input protocol (TCP or UDP).

Restart the crawler: After making the necessary configuration changes, restart the crawler to apply the updated settings. This will give the crawler an opportunity to initialize with the specified input protocol and attempt to start without encountering the previous error.

Seek documentation or community support: If the issue persists or you require more specific guidance for your particular crawler tool, consult the official documentation or reach out to the community or support channels for assistance. They can provide further insights and help you troubleshoot the issue based on the specific crawler tool you are using.

When seeking support, make sure to provide relevant details such as the name and version of the crawler tool you are using, the complete error message, and any relevant configuration settings. This information will aid in providing more accurate and tailored assistance.

Please note that the steps provided here are general troubleshooting suggestions, and the actual resolution may vary depending on your specific crawler tool and configuration. Consulting the documentation or support channels associated with your crawler tool will provide the most accurate guidance.

I hope these suggestions help you resolve the "Failed to start crawler: starting input failed" error related to choosing between TCP or UDP for the crawler's input protocol.

Rachel Gomez

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