Error fetching data for metricset failed fetching haprox info: not supported

Dear all, I have the below platform:

Red Hat 8
HAProxy 1.8.23
Metricbeat 7.14 with haproxy module enabled

Viewing /var/log/messages I can see the following error:

Sep 2 16:00:30 SERVER1 metricbeat[2952173]:
fetching data for metricset failed fetching haproxy
info: not supported

My haproxy.yml file is this:

  • module: haproxy
  • info
  • stat
    period: 10s
    hosts: [""]
    username : "admin"
    password : "admin"
    enabled: true

Please what can be my problem? On the Kibana side, I can see
metricbeat dashboards with haproxy information,but I wanna know the
cause of the above error because some dashboards panels are empty and
maybe this is the reason.

Special thanks!!!