HAproxy dashboard and visulization

Hello All,

I have configured the HAproxy module for metricbeat and getting the data on kibana dashboard.
But i didn't see any dashboard and visualization for HAproxy on kibana dashboard. Can anyone please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Tek_Chand,

What are all the commands you have run so far, for installing and configuring metricbeat? Also, if you go to Kibana > Management > Saved Objects do you see any objects starting with "[Metricbeat"?



Hello Shaunak,

i have configured the metricbeat successfully and import the metricbeat dashboards also, for nginx and system module its working fine. But i am not able to see haproxy dashboard in that list. In some article i read that metricbeat don't have default dashboard for Haproxy. Is it true?

Please refer the below screenshot for all dashboard list for metricbeat which are visible at my end:


The HAProxy module for Metricbeat does have dashboards starting from version 6.4.0 (release notes). However, 6.4.0 was released just last week so you probably aren't running it yet. If you can, I would recommend upgrading to it.

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