Error fetching fields for index pattern metricbeat-* (ID: metricbeat-*) Request Timeout

Kibana, Elastic are 7.8, using Centos 7.7 and sending VM is Centos is 8.0, non secure single node.
Whenever I run metricbeat setup, it loads the items but when i view the index pattern i get the error. It seems to load all the fields even though i ONLY enabled SYSTEM.

Is it because there are over 3200 fields? Seems like a template issue? Dashboards work but it all lags and eventually throws Request Timeout errors

Full error

Error: Request Timeout
at Fetch._callee3$ (
at l (
at Generator._invoke (
at Generator.forEach.e. [as next] (
at asyncGeneratorStep (
at _next (



I think I have got similar issue with filebeat.
I am using red hat and same version than OP for ELK.
I get this error:

I tried to increase some timeouts fields in the kibana.yml, but I don't get to fix it. Some idea?

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