Error from ES Querystring query when fields are mentioned

Hi ,
I have below query which is working fine when I don't specify fields , but when I want to search on few fields then I am getting something like All Shards failed...can you please resolve my issue..
Below is my query...



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Could you share the error log and/or the response from elasticsearch?

Thanks @dadoonet I am new to this forum, will surely follow the guidelines from now on :slight_smile:
Coming to the problem , What I understood is when I mention 1 or 2 fields in fields array I am recieving response. but when I mention huge set of fields(I dont find exclude fields option either because my exclude list is very less) I am getting error.
I believe this could be due to lenght of query ...can you please help me to come out of this.

Please read the instructions I gave. This is not formatted as you can see.



is different from:


Please adjust your code.

And please answer my question:

Hi @dadoonet , from the error logs I found that the fields mentioned are of different types like long,boolean and date but I am using wild card search which why it is failing. I changed the dynamic template by storing everything as keyword to resolve the issue. can you confirm if this approach will have any issues in future..for me wild card search is mandatory.

If running (very) slow searches is not an issue then may be that's correct.
But I always prefer running fast queries so I prefer using things like ngram based analyzers.

Thanks for the response . I will surely go through the nggram analyzers for partial search.

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