"Error" Icon displayed in random times when opening kibana dashboard


I have a couple of dashboards in kibana, where each one can have more than 10 views (mostly data tables and charts).

Most of the time, I encounter this Error Icon (shown in random views, no specifc ones) as shown in the below screenshot.
After doing refreshes, it may go away. This behaviour happens everytime I open any dashboard

I noticed the following error in elasticsearch

failed to update expiration time for async-search

Could you please advice what is wrong here?
I am using ELK version 7.9.2


Sorry I missed adding the screenshot
This icon is shown at the top left of the view

clicking the error icon should provide the details about what went wrong.

is the visualization displaying the results as expected even if this icon is there ?

Hi @ppisljar
The icon is not clickable
The results are not shown if this icon appears

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