Error in creating a snapshot in elasticsearch 2.4.0?

Hi everyone,

For creating a snapshot i have create a path.repo in elasticsearch.yml .
I want to know where i have to add path.repo line in elasticsearch.yml.
When i tried adding in the last line of elasticsearch.yml the cluster itself not staring and throwing a error like this

i given the following syntax in elasticsearch.yml

And i also tried giving
Can anyone help me in solving this?

Please don't post pictures of text, they are difficult to read and some people may not be even able to see them..

thanks for saying..

Got the answer..
I added the path.repo in the last line and given space between : and [

path.repo: ["/ElasticSearch 2.4.0/elasticsearch-2.4.0/Backup"]

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Take care while editing yaml files. They are space sensitive

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