Error in Installation&Running

Hi to All,

I would like to say few words about what i am trying to do ?,Using elastic
search i am gonna connect my mysql database and viewing the result using
elastic search head.

Pls find the steps which i have done for elastic search,

1.Downloaded the and extracted the same.
2.To run the bat file i have configured my elastic search path in
environment variables.
3.Added plugin for river-jdbc.(While doing this step i am unable to plugin
this in cmd prompt so i downloaded & added in plugins folder)
4.Installed elastic-search head to see the front end result.
5.Now i run the server and passing the request in ALL REQUEST (elastic
search head)
6.I can put my request..Kindly help me to view my result set of particular
table ....

kindly confirm that is all my above steps are correct,If so what have to
do for further progress to get the result....

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