Error in Xamarin Forms using NEST Package

I am implementing a basic test using the Nuget Nest package, and it throws me the following error:

var node = new Uri ("the_uri");
var pool = new SingleNodeConnectionPool (node);
var settings = new ConnectionSettings (pool);
settings.BasicAuthentication (_user, _passw);
settings.PrettyJson (true);
settings.RequestTimeout (new TimeSpan (0,0,5));
settings.DefaultIndex ("mm_campanias_dev");
var client = new ElasticClient (settings);

        var searchResults = client.Search <Campania> (s => s
            .Query (q => q
                 .Term (p => p.status, true)

Arriving at this line sends the error: var settings = new ConnectionSettings (pool);

Any ideas, I hope you can help me.

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