ERROR: input state for file was not removed, CreateFile: Access is denied


a FileBeat on one of our machines started giving this error:

ERROR	log/input.go:222	input state for C:\tmp\InstalledPrograms.log was not removed: CreateFile C:\tmp\InstalledPrograms.log: Access is denied.
INFO	log/harvester.go:270	File was removed: C:\tmp\InstalledPrograms.log. Closing because close_removed is enabled.

There is definitely access to this file and the harvester was able to collect info a few days ago. Also, there are other machines which are able to collect data from the same location.

Any idea what might have caused this?

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I think that this issue occurs because the source log file is recreated every 5 minutes. Can anyone please let me know how to get around this?

Any help is appreciated!

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