Error Integrating ES with Hadoop

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Hi Team,

I am integrating ES with Hadoop by performing following steps :

  1. Modify elasticsearch.yml file by adding following lines :

type: hdfs
uri: hdfs://host:8020
path: /user/hive/warehouse/newtexttable

  1. Install Hadoop plugin for ES in plugins directory of elasticsearch home directory.

I am using ES version 0.18.7. The Hadoop jars installed in plugins directory are hadoop-core-0.20.2.jar and elasticsearch-hadoop-0.18.7.jar respectively.

When I run ES by executing ./elasticsearch -Des.max-open-files=true I am getting the following error-

Initialization Failed ...

  • NoClassSettingsException[Failed to load class setting [gateway.type] with valu

Can you please suggest the reason behind exception and how it can be resolved.


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Any input on this !

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