Error loading config file

I generate a custom beat based on metricbeat and try to run it.
But it gives me the error like this:

CRIT Exiting: error loading config file: config file ("xxx.yml") can only be writable by the owner but the permissions are "-rw-rw-r--"

Does any one has this problem before?


The beat will not run if the configuration file is writable by anyone other than the owner. This is for security reasons. So remove the group write permissions (chmod g-w xxx.yml).

This is also a -strict.perms=false flag that you can pass to disable the check.

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Thank you Andrew

Hi Andrew,

I have one more question, which file can I configure the name of index?

currently, I have:


I want the index to be like: "index":"diagnostic-2017.02.16","..."


This is an index option in the output configurations. See

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