My code:

email {
    to => ""
    via => 'smtp'
	address => ''
	from => ''
    authentication => "plain"
    username => ""
	password => "john123"
	subject => 'Alert '
	body => "Test message test...."
	port => 587
	use_tls => true

and i got this error:

Something happen while delivering an email {:exception=>#<Net::SMTPAuthenticationError: 535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted.

what Username and Password should i use i dont understand!

Any help would be sincerely appreciate!

The email output needs to connect to a SMTP server to send the e-mails, since you didn't configure the domain option in the output, it is connecting to localhost.

Since you want to send the e-mail as your gmail user, you need to use the Gmail smtp server, which I think is in the domain option, but If I'm not wrong you will need to change somethings in your gmail account to allow that, I think you will need to crea an app password.

This is not a Logstash issue, you need to check in Gmail/Google documentation how to send e-mails using their SMTP.

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Thanks Leandro, it works
another question please my filter bloc:

filter {
    if !("Exception" in [message] or "EXCEPTION" in [message]) {drop{}}

it gives me this output in mail:

I just want to ask you if i can regroupe all this mails in one mail contains all of them or somthing like this cuz imagine that i have more than 40 exception for example it will send me a 40 emails ?!


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