Error : mapper of different type, current_type [text], merged_type [ObjectMapper]","type":"illegal_argument_exception"

i want to index my data to elasticsearch so i create a pipeline in java to do that

My data is in form for example :


and my code is

// public class MyPipeline extends Pipeline {
	public void onRecord(Record record) throws Exception {
		// Build you pipeline here
		TypedMap log = getParser().grok(record.getRaw(),"%{TEXT:json}");
		TypedMap logMap = getParser().json(log.getString("json"));
getElasticsearch("apigee-nonprd-gcp","main").index("preprod-apigee", record.getHash(), logMap);


but i get this error

{"nbIndexes":0,"nbUpdates":0,"nbErrors":35,"firstError":{"reason":"mapper [jsonPayload.request] of different type, current_type [text], merged_type [ObjectMapper]","type":"illegal_argument_exception"}}

Anyone can plz help to understand what is the problem

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