Error message when creating a custom beat


i just wanted to create a new community beat by sending the number of open files to Elasticsearch using the command lsof | wc -l. I have also checked the documentation in the beats section and followed it very carefully. When I execute the command mage GenerateCustomBeat I get the following error message.


    go: upgrade => v1.2.0
    go: upgrade => v0.9.1
    go: upgrade => v1.15.0
    go: upgrade => v1.1.0
    go: upgrade => v0.2.0
    go: upgrade => v0.1.7
    go: upgrade => v0.9.1
    go: upgrade => v0.1.3
    go: upgrade => v0.8.3
    go: upgrade => v2.1.3+incompatible
    go: upgrade => v1.5.0
    go: upgrade => v1.0.0
    go: upgrade => v0.0.0-20200419221736-3b63eb3a43b5
    go: upgrade => v1.8.0
    go: upgrade => v0.0.0-20200811154920-cd0eddb06559
    go: upgrade => v0.0.0-20200811150831-9bc458b4bbeb
    /home/grobd/go/pkg/mod/ warning: overriding recipe for target 'test'
    /home/grobd/go/pkg/mod/ warning: ignoring old recipe for target 'test'
    ../../../../pkg/mod/ undefined: goja.StackFrame
    ../../../../pkg/mod/ r.runtime.CaptureCallStack undefined (type *goja.Runtime has no field or method CaptureCallStack)
    Error: error compiling magefiles
    make: *** [fields] Error 1
    Error: running "make update" failed with exit code 2

Can a clever mind from this forum help me? :slight_smile:

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