Error occurred when reading the alert

I am seeing the following error in "alerts and Actions". Can someone guide me why this message is shown and how to resolve this?

An error occurred when reading the alert.Unauthorized to get a "monitoring_alert_jvm_memory_usage" alert for "monitoring"

Hi @Anmol_Dubey,

I have a couple of questions before providing guidance:

  1. Can you provide a bit more details about the user's user privileges who set up stack monitoring? (ex: what features does the user have enabled, what role permissions do they have, etc.)
  2. Was the alert running successfully previously and suddenly stopped?
  3. Did the alert get modified, disable/enabled after setting up stack monitoring? (if so, I'd be interested in the details from step 1 of the last user who did one of those actions).
  4. Are there any logs in Kibana of interest?

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