Error on offline plugin install, verification failed

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Hi, I'm using logstash 5.5.1 and trying to install some plugin offline on WINDOWS.

I have already have my plugins ready on my PC, and I used

bin\logstash-plugin prepare-offline-packages logstash-input-* logstash-filter-*

Then, I got my file. I copied it to the offline machine which already had logstash 5.5.1. I ran the command

bin\logstash-plugin install

Then I got error message below:

Plugin does not exist
ERROR: Installation aborted, verification failed for

I think I followed the instruction on Offline Plugin Management except the instruction uses / in command examples but in windows we should use \.

So can anyone help me on this? Thank you!

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And, if I use the command

bin\logstash-plugin install file:///e:\path\logstash\


bin\logstash-plugin install file:\\e:\path\logstash\

I will always get error message like below

ERROR: Something went wrong when installing file:///e:\ELK\logstash-5.5.1\, message: bad URI(is not URI?):\ELK\logstash-5.5.1\\ELK\logstash-5.5.1\

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Can any expert solve this problem? Thank you!
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Meanwhile, about this discuss system, I recently found that when I click reply to any post, it doesn't really reply to the person. It seems just post a new reply but not showing who I'm replying.

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Ok, here I come to answer this by myself to let people who saw this post be avoided of the same issue.

The problem is that the official instruction Offline Plugin Management is misleading!!!

In the official instruction installing-offline-packs, the windows example shows:

bin/logstash-plugin install file:///c:/path/to/

which is wrong because windows defaultly usw \ in path. So the part bin/logstash-plugin will let windows think bin is a command but not a folder, which leads to error.

At the same time, the file:///c:/path/to/ part is required by logstash, so if you choose

bin\logstash-plugin install file:///c:/path/to/

will also cause error.

The solution is that you should avoid using \ by cd into bin directory and run command

logstash-plugin install file:///c:/path/to/

directly. This will let you install plugin successfully.

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