Error on reindex using WordNet synonyms file

Running elasticsearch 6.0.0 on macOS 10.12.6, I'm encountering the following error on indexing when trying to use the synonyms file (which I've moved to /usr/local/etc/elasticsearch):

	"error": {
		"root_cause": [{
			"type": "illegal_argument_exception",
			"reason": "failed to build synonyms"
		"type": "illegal_argument_exception",
		"reason": "failed to build synonyms",
		"caused_by": {
			"type": "parse_exception",
			"reason": "Invalid synonym rule at line 2",
			"caused_by": {
				"type": "illegal_argument_exception",
				"reason": "term: physical entity analyzed to a token with posinc != 1"

Here's the line it's objecting to:

s(100001930,1,'physical entity',n,1,0). 

I'm using the WordNet Prolog synonyms file from

Just wondering where I might have gone astray, or if I should open an issue on the GitHub repo. Thanks!

Downgrading to 5.6 seems to have resolved the issue, but I also see that macOS is not a supported platform. If anybody manages to repro on an officially supported OS, it's probably worth filing a bug.

please go ahead an open an issue about this, sounds like a bug to me! Thanks a lot!

Sure thing! Opened issue #27798.

I want to clarify something here: we do not support macOS in production. We support macOS in the sense that we want our user community to be successful. Most users start with Elasticsearch on their laptops, and macOS is a popular laptop OS for our user community so we support users on this OS, just not for production uses.

I hope that helps.

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