Error parsing simple log


I'm working with logstash in order to parse auditd logs. I tested my patters in and and seems working as expected.

But.. it's not working, always returns _grokparsefailure and I can't find the error

My log string is:
type=CWD msg=audit(1568980959.680:12113): cwd="/home/ec2-user"
My pattern is:
type=%{WORD:atype} msg=audit(%{NUMBER:aepoch}:%{NUMBER:acount}): cwd=%{GREEDYDATA:aworkingdir}

What's going on?

Parentheses have meaning in a regexp -- they define a capture group -- so you need to escape them

    grok { match => { "message" => "type=%{WORD:atype} msg=audit\(%{NUMBER:aepoch}:%{NUMBER:acount}\): cwd=%{GREEDYDATA:aworkingdir}" } }

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