Grok fails in logstash with grokparsefailure, but OK in grokdebugger

i've the following text to parse, there are some newlinies and i masked them:
Category: RabbitMqMonitorWorker.IRmqMonitor\nEventId: 15670\n\nTest-Cluster: Die Verbindung 'StadtKoeln_TokenProvider (0c1d52e0-67cc-431f-bbc4-caa6ae4d631a)' von kt0510( auf Queue 'tokenprovider_rpc' wird vermisst

here are my grok pattern:
Category: %{WORD:rabbit_application}.%{WORD}\\nEventId: %{WORD:rabbit_eventid}\\n\\n%{NOTSPACE:rabbit_cluster}: %{GREEDYDATA:rabbit_message} von %{WORD:rabbit_host}%{GREEDYDATA}

I don't know, why it isn't matching..

Kind regards

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